The company respects talents, by providing a beautiful working environment, shaping harmonious interpersonal relationships, and building a work stage to show their talents, it provides more opportunities for the outstanding talents within the company to achieve themselves and realize their own value, and strive to promote the common growth of employees and the company.
The company advocates the talent concept of "cultivating oneself before starting a career and becoming a man before becoming a man", and strives to create a cultural atmosphere of "diligence, dedication, hard work, pragmatism, and pursuit of excellence", and actively build a learning organization and an efficient, coordinated, and combative goose-type team. Great careers make outstanding people. Our career is one of the great careers of human health. Today, every "Dinglu person" has his own dream, and this dream must be closely integrated with the goal of making Xiamen TCM bigger and stronger. There is no best, only better! We look forward to your attention and joining. Our excellent team will be even better because of your joining. Our ideals will be more ambitious than in the past, and the pace of progress will be more stable.