Medicinal material base
<p>Babaodan originated from the imperial prescription of the Ming Dynasty. It is refined by special processes from rare medicinal materials such as bezoar, musk and antelope horn. It is one of the main varieties produced by Xiamen Traditional Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd. and has the effects of clearing dampness and heat, promoting blood circulation and detoxification, removing jaundice and relieving pain. Musk, as one of the main raw materials of babaodan, is the dry secretion in the mature male sachet of forest musk deer, horse musk deer or original musk deer. It has the effects of opening the orifices and waking up the mind, promoting blood circulation and menstruation, reducing swelling and relieving pain. In modern times, due to human hunting, wild musk deer resources were almost exhausted. In order to protect musk deer resources, China listed it as a national first-class wild protected animal, and implemented a strict examination and approval management system for the breeding of musk deer and the sales and use of its products.</p>
<p>At present, musk used in the society of forest musk deer base is mainly divided into two categories. One is musk preserved in the early years, which we call social storage. According to the 2003 document of the State Forestry Administration, this kind of storage in the country has been checked and sealed Today, the amount of incense in society is less and less, and it is inevitable to seek new resources; The second is the musk produced by artificially cultivated musk deer. Due to the depletion of wild musk deer resources, artificially raising musk deer has become a new trend. At present, the main breeding species is forest enzyme. With the strong encouragement and support of the state, the artificial breeding technology of forest musk deer is becoming more and more mature, and the technical difficulties of captive breeding, breeding and living musk collection of forest musk deer have long been overcome.</p>
<p>Genuine medicinal material base Shaanxi Province is a large province for artificial breeding of forest musk deer, and the output of musk accounts for more than 70% of the country. In order to protect the long history of traditional Chinese medicine culture, people can use reassuring and good medicine. After many field visits, Xiamen Traditional Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd. finally established the forest musk deer breeding cooperation base of Xiamen Traditional Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd. in Feng County, Shaanxi Province. The base is the first animal breeding cooperation base built by Xiamen Traditional Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd., with a breeding area of about 110 mu, which has laid a good foundation for the long-term production of babaodan.</p>
<p>Liuwei Dihuang Pill produced by Xiamen Traditional Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd., Ltd (heteromorphic pill) is a brewing pill different from the traditional swallowing method. It has won many awards such as the national silver award. As a traditional famous medicine, Liuwei Dihuang pill is composed of six herbs: Rehmannia glutinosa, yam, Alisma orientalis, Poria cocos, Cornus officinalis and peony bark. It has the function of nourishing yin and tonifying the kidney. Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to the traditional and genuine nature of herbs. In order to ensure the quality of Liuwei Dihuang pill, Xiamen traditional Chinese medicine factory Focusing on Liuwei raw materials, the company has established genuine medicinal material cooperation bases in Rehmannia glutinosa, yam Road real estate in Jiaozuo, Henan, Alisma orientalis Road real estate in Fujian and Fuling Road real estate in Anhui. Through the construction of the base, ensure the authenticity and quality of the purchased medicinal materials from the source, and escort the inheritance and development of the traditional good medicine Liuwei Dihuang pill.</p>