Adapt to the new situation and write a new chapter
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The company has 108 party members and has set up one party committee and seven grass-roots party branches. Over the years, under the leadership of superior party organizations, the Party committee of the company has always adhered to the guidance of the general secretary's thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, closely focused on the enterprise core values and enterprise central work of "innovation, integrity, cooperation, inclusiveness and responsibility", gave full play to the leading role of the Party committee, optimized the setting of Party organizations, and achieved full coverage of the party's organization and work, Lead the majority of Party members and employees to fully integrate into the enterprise governance and production and operation construction, and provide a strong political and organizational guarantee for the sustainable and steady development of the company and the successful completion of various work objectives.

Party building brand

Company party committee adhere to the "panacea still need to complete" the core of the strategic thinking of the party leading the exploration practice party construction execution of work, ding furnace "samadhi true fire" around the "pioneer, ding furnace" party building brand with core, this work by the party spirit true pioneer fire blast, fire plastic ingenuity and dedication really reflected the beginner's mind, continuously expand the party building the brand connotation and denotation, Leading the masses of Party members to carry forward the excellent culture and brand of Traditional Chinese medicine of the motherland, in the "melting pot" of faith to achieve a healthy China, quench into gold, the party organization of the enterprise has been rated as the advanced grassroots party organization of the province, city, district and group.
"Ding furnace" reflects Danxin's belief in hundred steelmaking
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Party building report

Clarify objectives and responsibilities, jointly promote party building and lead
The company's Party committee and the Party branch signed the letter of responsibility for 2020 party construction objectives. On April 27, the company's Party committee held a meeting of Party branch secretaries, attended by Party Secretary Wang Shifa and Deputy Secretary Ye Hongying, and attended by Party branch secretaries of the company.C
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Epidemic is command, and the flag shows responsibility
The Party committee of the company sounded the assembly call, demonstrated the style of Party members in the anti epidemic battlefield, led by Party construction and focused on production protection.
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Love pairing promotes help, warm care warms people's hearts
In order to implement the spirit of the district Party Committee on carrying out the activity of "love pairing" of Party organizations in non-public fields, according to the arrangement of the Organization Department of the district Party committee and the Party Working Committee of the industrial park, the Party committee of the company carried out the first door-to-door visit and condolences activity of "love pairing" on the afternoon of March 13, walked into the homes of shaozhan and Yang Son
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Donate a large number of Chinese patent medicines to help prevent and control the epidemic
Babaodan capsules, Qizao granules, Qinggan Chuanxinlian tablets... Boxes of Chinese patent medicines from Xiamen have been sent to major hospitals in Hubei, Zhejiang, Xiamen and other places for anti-virus prevention and treatment. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Xiamen Traditional Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd., a local pharmaceutical enterprise in Xiamen, has donated a large number of Chinese patent medicines to support the prevention and control of the epidemic.
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Party mass activity service center

The party mass activity service center of Xiamen Traditional Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd. is an important platform to display the brand of enterprise party construction, a basic position for Party members and employees to learn, a main place for party organization deliberation activities, an important carrier to enhance the feelings of Party members and the masses, and an open party construction service platform integrating party members' activities, learning and training, culture and entertainment, contact services and other functions. The party mass activity service center has a preface hall, main hall, enterprise exhibition hall, innovation studio, staff bookstore and fitness and leisure area, which fully realizes the overall arrangement, comprehensive utilization and resource sharing of software and hardware facilities, provides Party mass activity guarantee, Party member education and training activities and other comprehensive services for Party organizations, Party members, enterprises and employees, and further extends the scope of Party construction "Tentacles" have expanded the coverage of services and created a new situation of "party construction leads development and development promotes party construction".

Xiamen China Party building video

July 1st Party Congress of Xiamen middle school in the 100th year of the founding of the party
"Ingenuity reflects the original intention, ordinary casts extraordinary" in Xiamen China Party Construction
Study and education of party history in Xiamen middle school